Trust and Safety

We ask that you do. We have provided the rating system and criteria when posting a job so that the naybr's who accept your job will fit those criteria. There is always the option to cancel the job if you don’t feel confident that the person accepting will do an adequate job. In this case, a $2 safe jobs fee plus a $3 cancellation fee will still be charged if cancelled more than 30 minutes after the job has been accepted. To avoid this, please make sure you set the criteria you feel you can live with.
The criteria selection (minimum star rating) helps to determine the people that can accept your job. Check out their profile and skills section after they accept if you are interested in their skill sets. You have 30 minutes after they accept to decide if you wish to cancel and repost. Coming soon we will have certified professional selection on naybr! All certified professionals will be fully vetted and license verified to make sure they can perform all jobs they accept adequately. We are excited to offer this feature!
Naybr splits the job price with workers: 80% to the worker, 20% to Naybr as a finders fee. It is free to post a job on our site. When a job is accepted, completed and approved, Naybr deposits 80% of the job fee to to the worker on a 2 day rolling basis keeping 20% as a finders fee (The first deposit takes 7 days). Users who post work to be done pay a $2 dollar Safe Jobs Fee when the job is completed. This safe job fee applies to ID verification, site maintenance, and additional operational costs.
Naybr uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology that ensures all information transmitted on our site is encrypted. Naybr also uses state of the art physical and web based security systems like firewalls to protect the site from attacks. Naybr never stores your payment or bank account information on our servers. All payment information and bank information is stored at our PCI compliant payment processor, Stripe. Stripe processes billions of dollars in payment transactions securely each year.
We request that you communicate with the worker via or the messaging within the application. If the worker has stated they completed the job, and you are not satisfied, let them know what more you were expecting so they can complete it. If they still perform a job that is not satisfactory, then give them a rating that you feel fits the job performed. All workers are independent, 1099 contractors. If there is an issue with completion or the worker, we will work to communicate between the two parties. Naybr, Inc is not a licensed legal professional, and cannot help with any mediation during a legal dispute.

New User FAQ

Naybr is a job board community, where people can post and/or accept local side jobs in their local area. All searching, communication, and payment is done through the naybr platform.
Yes! We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology to encrypt the information on our site. We also use web application firewalls, and other security measures to protect your information.
By selecting ‘Post a Job’ from the main selection bar. Fill out the step by step questions and your job will be posted and local workers can search and accept if they fit your criteria.
By selecting ‘search Jobs’ from the main selection bar. Users can type in city, range of payment amounts, and due dates to search for local jobs on the naybr map. Users can accept a job by clicking “Accept Job” on the job details page.
No. All payment is done safely and securely through the naybr platform. Workers are paid on a 2 day rolling basis (after their initial deposit which will take 7 days for the first job they ever work on the Naybr platform).
Any job that has gone from ‘accept’ to ‘complete’ will not be refunded. We have provided before and after photo features to ensure accountability by both parties, but also to provide evidence of completion. If the job has not been completed satisfactorily, inform the worker so they can complete it to your expectations.

FAQ for Workers

So long as you are verified All payment is done on a rolling 2 day basis.
The first set of funds will be deposited into your primary account after 7 days, and all subsiquent funds are deposited on a 2 day rolling basis.
If you are not verified or have not received a deposit
  • Login to and only after you are logged in, go to
  • Contact us via facebook or email [email protected] so we can confirm your information is successfully updated.
  • Once we have the necessary ID information, our payment processer will be able to verify you and complete your pending transfer.
All reviews are written by users in the naybr community, your community, who have either worked or posted a job. Our community relies on honest, transparent reviews. We will remove or alter a review if we find that it violates our review guidelines. The star ratings help to determine who can accept your job, as well as a basis for workers to know how good you are to work for. This score is an average of all an individuals total ratings, as a worker and poster.
No, no reviews can be deleted on the naybr platform. We believe in the power of transparency and honest feedback. If you feel that there has been a mistake, or a user has wrongly rated you, please contact customer service via [email protected] Reviews are your opportunity to build a good reputation in the Naybr community, as well as share your experience with the Naybrhood. Since you can only write a review after a job is confirmed completed on the site, you can trust that any review you see on a profile page is the result of an actual person working a job or posting a job in your community.
Your safety is very important to us, and we are doing all that we can to enable a safe, trustworthy environment on Naybr. For all users, whether posting or working jobs, we collect address, date of birth, and additional information. We reserve the right to do a background check at our discretion. Additionally there is an optional Facebook Identification process, to prove who that user is and have their information on file. For an extra measure, all workers should be open to let you take a photo of their driver’s license for further security measures, we notify the worker that you may request this when the job is accepted.
A naybr is just as it sounds, everyone around you in your ‘naybrhood’. And everyone can be a naybr on our site. We believe everyone has gifts and talents, whether they be baking or painting, building or playing music. Everyone on naybr can work or post jobs, to create a community of local people getting things done in their local area.
Certified Pro’s on naybr are a great way to ensure that the jobs you prefer a licensed contractor are only accepted by them. All certified Pro’s are fully background checked, license verified, and ID verified to ensure they are licensed in the field they are accepting.