About Naybr, Local Job Posting Application

How It Works

Sign Up and Post Jobs

Sign up and Post jobs

Post jobs for local naybr’s, anything from painting, lawn care, or home clean up. Posting jobs is totally free. Pay securely when the work is done! Posters only pay the price of the job they set (plus a $2 safe Jobs fee)!

Search and Accept Local Jobs

Search and Accept

Looking for work? Search and Accept local jobs to make extra money. Get paid on approved work. Naybr gets a 20% finders fee (for getting you the work) and deposits the rest in your bank account on a 2 day rolling basis!

Get local help for quick side jobs

Complete and Approve

Your local naybr’s complete what you need, when you need it. You approve the work, we charge your card the price you set (plus that $2 Safe Jobs fee). You'll rate your worker and they'll rate you to ensure high quality jobs and high qualtiy work!

Meet Our Founders

Michael Weitzman

Michael Weitzman, Co Founder / CTO

Michael Weitzman is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record in web development and software engineering. After partnering with Nate Harr on his original concept Michael developed and implemented the Naybr you see today. Weitzman graduated from Grand Valley State University with a BBA in Management Information Systems and Marketing. Michael worked a stint on the MIS solutions delivery team for a multi-national SAP implementation at Owens Corning World HQ before starting his own software engineering and hosting firm, World Source Tech, LLC. As Co Founder and CTO at Naybr, Michael heads up product development and user experience including writing the code that makes Naybr work!


Nathan Harr

Nate Harr, Co Founder / Chief Revenue Officer

Nate Harr’s entrepreneurial mindset brought the idea of Naybr to him while flying on a plane in December of 2014. This eventually led to Nate partnering with Michael Weitzman, and the two of them co-founded Naybr in June of 2015. Before co-founding Naybr, Nate graduated with a Bachelors in Marketing from Grand Valley State University. His innovative spirit brought him a background in sales with Xerox, where he went on to be Rookie of the Year in his first year of sales with the company. In his years with Xerox he made the Presidents Circle of Excellence, and has held numerous leadership roles. Since partnering with Michael Weitzman, Nate has been Co-Founder and Head of Sales & Marketing for Naybr, Inc.